Calypso Satin Tignon

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Luxury satin tignon. Handmade with Charmeuse Satin. Charmeuse Satin is great for your hair as it prevents breakage and will not dry it out.

Protect your hair with BonnieLove! No matter if you are natural or relaxed, BonnieLove will reduce breakage and retain length! Great for naturals, bundles, relaxed hair and installs; BonnieLove has you covered!

To use:

Place your hands through the sleeves and out the base. Put the base over your head. Separate hair into two sections, and simultaneously pull the length of your hair through the sleeves. Wrap the sleeves around your head and tuck the ends. There you have it! Sleeping pretty with BonnieLove! 

Hand wash and hang to dry.

Polyester Shell

Satin lining