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Happy Saturday Mama!

Very quickly, we all know how turning up the heat in our homes dries out our sinuses and skin, but wait.....what about our hair?  Yup, turning up the heat dries out our hair too. With the weather being on a roller coaster, so is that thermostat (if you're like me - I can't stand the cold).  Anywho, so yeah last weekend when we were stuck in the house do to the little snow, but enough ice to keep us immobile here in North Carolina, the heat was pumping because baby it was cold outside. Heat was on overdrive, hence this posting. 

So yes, that dry heat dries out our hair and our scalp something terrible.  But of course if I'm telling you this, I'm also gonna give you a few fixes.....

1) Winter is here and by now you should have switched to a heavier oil to seal with.  That good ole JBCO is my favorite, however there are others.  Some like to use Coconut Oil, not my oil of choice.  Avocado oil is another one (haven't tried it yet).  And of course, that Shea Butter is always a go to, and lastly, Olive Oil I actually keep on deck. So yea, sealing with heavier oils in the winter will help fight back against that dry heat in your home.

2) That steam tho........if you are like me, I love a hot shower!  Steam up the bathroom type of action.  Your hair actually loves it to.  I don't own a hair steamer, but the steam from the shower does the same thing! No shower cap, just pin your hair up and let the steam work it's hydrating magic!

3) Bonnie Love.......what you thought she was just for looks? No mama, although she's as cute as she wants to be she serves a purpose.  Once you've sealed, steamed, and stuff, while you're in the house, pop that Bonnie Love on because she retains moisture! For real, no games, your Bonnie Love bonnet allows your hair to breathe, but she also keeps that moisture in place.  So she's necessary for the come up in this natural hair journey. 

Keep these 3 easy tips in mind, put them into action, and you will eliminate that dry and itchy scalp, brittle hair, and the breakage that dry hair causes. 

You're welcome!



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