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Recently, I’ve seen different posts about EcoStyler being “cancelled” due to cancer causing agents......

Lol, it hasn’t been “canceled” by the makers, it is being shunned by some consumers because cancer and EcoStyler is being used in the same sentence. 

My first thought was everything causes cancer these days. I use it and I like it, but more importantly, my daughter uses it so I had to put on my P.I. Hat and check into this thing. 

So, EcoStyler uses a chemical, Triethanolamine - TEA. Per the American Cancer Society, TEA is not recognized as a cancer causing agent. Now, with all the different ingredients in products, what happens when it is mixed with other chemicals (insert foaming from a beaker)....

One mentionable chemical reaction would be TEA and nitrosating agents, in this case Sodium Nitrate.... When mixed together, these two chemicals produce nitrosodiethanolamine. 

NITROSODIETHANOLAMINE (insert gasp) but don’t throw the whole jar away just yet.... Yes, nitrosodiethanolamine can cause cancer BUT only when you heat it up or consume it. So, since you don’t eat it or heat it on your head (those days of putting a hot curler on your edges to lay them down I pray are long gone), EcoStyler is okay to use. 

Now, if you’re just turned off by the thought then that’s your personal choice. Chuck the jar, but be on the lookout for products that contain TEA. If you use the product in the manner it was intended then you’re safe. 

We will continue to use EcoStyler in our home, and trust because it is used by my daughter, I didn’t mind putting on my nerd hat to research the ins and outs of this product. 

Remember, Bonnie not only loves hair, but Bonnie Love knows hair!  

Happy growing! 

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