Irritated Scalp? Got Oatmeal?

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Hey dolls!!

So yesterday I was talking to my sister friend and she was telling me that she went with no do all weekend because her scalp was on fiah!!!

She went and had her hair done at a salon, but the style didn't last long because her scalp was itching terribly!  She took the do down and her scalp was just itchy and very irritated. So irritated that she didn't touch her hair all weekend, and this week she's just been smoothing it back and donning a bun. This is NOT her norm! She has no chemicals in her hair so maybe the shampoo and/or conditioner (we still don't know)....

So I immediately told her to use oatmeal....yes I said OATMEAL!  My grandma raised me, what can I say...My thought process was that we already run to the kitchen for hair remedies and oatmeal is a go to for itchy skin, aaannddd the scalp is skin so YES, oatmeal. Of course she thinks I'm crazy, but I kept dwelling on oatmeal  (I wonder if she dreamed of a big ole bowl of oatmeal last night lol).

I took it a step further and researched it and of course I was right, oatmeal is a remedy for a itchy, irritated scalp and yes even scalp psoriasis!  Ha!  

Not only does it help with scalp irritation, it also provides elasticity, and is a great moisturizing treatment!  

So if you're like me and you don't eat oatmeal,  get some anyway and add it to your wash day regimen especially with the colder months approaching  

Need to know how to use it?  Well of course I got you boo! 

Mix uncooked oatmeal with water to your desired consistency (you can even add some oil to the mix to help loosen scales). Smooth the paste onto your scalp and leave it in place for at least 10 minutes before rinsing. 

Have you ever used oatmeal on your hair? 





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