Hi, I'm Mikki and I suffer from hypothyroidism....

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Hey dolls!

Friday evening I planned to use this weekend to build my stock up in each category and work on the items for the holiday release but the ugly truth is ........ I feel as though I got next to nothing done. 

Hi, my name is Mikki and I suffer from a chronic illness known as Hypothyroidism.

The thyroid is known as the control center of the body. A dysfunctional thyroid can throw your entire life out of whack. There are meds to assist in helping the thyroid do its job but um yea..... personally I think the meds just make me a tad bit more functional.  Do you know before the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism came about, women used to be institutionalized?  I would have been labeled insane for sure! Although, this illness mostly affects women, men can suffer from it too.  

From hair that sheds terribly, a fuzzy brain, weight that rides the roller coaster, and my irresistible need to sleep it's a wonder I get anything done. The anxiety and depression aren't nearly as bad as they used to be, I thank God for that! Now if I could just get a handle on the rest of it!!!! 

I think I'm learning to cope though. The secret is when I'm not feeling worn down, I try to get as much done as possible.  So even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning, I get it in. You may be saying to yourself I guess she is tired, up at 2 in the morning. Lol, that's what I thought too but the reality is I sleep very good at night, the next day, that evening and um yea I think you see where I'm going with this. 

I should actually be much bigger than I am because if I eat, it's a wrap!  I'm going to take a nap!  Currently I'm in a size 9. I have been up to a 14 and as small as a 5. So fitting into a size 9 is my ideal size. I do have all sizes on deck just in case. 

The hair issue..... I try not to manipulate it so much. It hurts my heart to see my hair shed. I mean it really hurts me. So my thought process is low manipulation will result in less shedding. Is this working? I'm not sure. I still have a good amount of hair so maybe. 

But the ugly truth is.....

The left is me (zombie) before I get myself together  (and most of the time I'm not together).  The right is trying to be normal.  My family doesn't truly get it, but thank God they love me (most days) lol.  

Although I have this monkey on my back, I'm still striving to be the best. So you won't see me running a marathon. Caffeine is my sidekick and greatness is my goal.

Do you suffer from a chronic illness that you refuse to submit to???


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  • Hi Mikki, my name is Niyoko. Thanks for sharing your story. I deal with depression on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s not easy to get up and get going. I find my motivation though through my family and friends. Please keep doing what you are doing. You have no idea how much you courage and strength means to others.

    Niyoko on

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