Hello Fall!

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Hello TeamBonnieLove!!!!!!

Today is the first day of Fall!  How many of you are low key looking forward to Fall?  I definitely am!! The sweaters, cute boots, and favorite jeans, I am so ready! I know I have a steadily growing "want" list of a lot of cute items I've already seen. For me, Fall is Fashion Forward!

Speaking of fashion, Hoods will be a staple for me this fall.  The versatility that they offer is endless!  If you love hats, but sometimes find them to be a little difficult to fit over your fro, then you will definitely want to give the BonnieLove Hoods a try.  Of course, in typical BonnieLove fashion, the number of prints will leave you unable to own just one :).

As I get excited about saying goodbye to the humidity, and hello to the crisp air; I am also very conscious about taking time to prep my hair for the cool weather that is on the way.

There are a few things that I do to get ready for my favorite time of the year, they also prepare for the harsh winters......

I don't do it often, however when my hair needs extra TLC I do a pre-poo oil rinse.  This is basically rinsing your hair with oil before shampooing. I usually use Olive Oil as it isn't expensive and I seem to always have it on hand. A pre-poo oil rinse keeps hair from getting dry and also adds the benefits of a pre-poo conditioner.

Conditioner is your friend, use it, love it, indulge!  Using a deep conditioner and a leave-in conditioner is law!  Really, your hair will love you for it!

Protective Styling.......this is not really my forte'.  I know!  I love my hair to be big, wild and free, and this is where I struggle.  But, with my BonnieLove Hoods in play, let's hope I will behave accordingly this Fall.

Steam is your friend!  Ok, I personally cannot afford a hair steamer so I improvise.  I love a hot shower!  So, I just let steam from the hot shower work it's magic. Steam is your natural hair's friend, let them unite!  Don't wet your hair, but just let it soak up that steamy goodness in the morning.

Sealing......I do this anytime of the year, but pay extra attention to your ends.  Again, olive oil comes in handy as I always have it around.  Sealing my hair is a must.  It provides that extra protective barrier that your hair will need.

Comb....what comb?  I don't use a comb often, but when I do, it's on wet hair that has conditioner in it.  For the most part, I use my fingers to detangle, separate, part and style.

Lastly, step into fall without the dead weight. Those ends I mean.  I've already had my hair trimmed for the Fall.  I had mine done professionally this go around, normally I just dust them myself, which will probably happen again in the winter. 

I hope this helps you get your hair Fall ready.  Now if I could just blink and my closet was ready!




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  • Loved it and found it very informative….I see the hoods and will definitely be ordering them even if its one at a time….Love your new color Bonnielove!!!

    Monica Willis on

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