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Happy Friday my loves!!! 

I wanted to give you a quick look behind the scenes at BonnieLove!  Yes, all BonnieLove products are actually handmade by little ole me!  

When I started making bonnets, I had no idea how to sew. For over a year now, everything has been hands on self taught learning. If you only knew the amount of fabric I've wasted! Trial and error is the best teacher ever! However being that I'm the "not easily broken" kind of girl, I have it down pact!

I think the most enjoyable part of making bonnets is putting together the color combinations. Then again it may be that something that I created is loved by so many. Yea, that does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. 

The work can be very tedious at times because I can be very particular about every bonnet that I ship out but for my tribe it is well worth it!  Until next time! Remember be great and I love you guys! 


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